International Conference on Experiential Tourism, Sustainable Tourism in Rome

On 16 th and 17 th October 2023, the conference Experiential Tourism, Sustainable Tourism: for a Mediterranean Network of Territories, Business Communities and Research took place at La Sapienza University of Rome in which I participated as a guest of the Studies in Tourism Sciences of the Department of European, American and Intercultural Studies of the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy.

It was the opportunity to reflect with experts and professionals from Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta, Morocco, and Tunisia. The core of the congress is the current issues such as the definition of tourist experience, case studies linked to scientific research developed in various Mediterranean countries, and finally, the testimonies of professionals who fight in the tourism sector by dealing daily with the challenge of sustainability.

During the two days of the congress, they have included the experts’reports, leaving room for discussion among the round tables and a moment of sharing and #networking.

why be there?

The close link between research and business, representing one of the main gaps in sustainable tourism, became evident. The event allowed the birth and consolidation of collaborations in various research projects on sustainable tourism with particular attention to cultural heritage.

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