Sara Sampieri is a member of MASPAG Project.

Sara Sampieri has been embarked on the Archeological mission of Sapienza University in the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf (MASPAG).
The project was founded in 2020 in the Department of Science of Antiquities to support different interdisciplinary projects in the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf, collaborating with many national and international institutions to promote tangible and intangible heritage. The project is developed in collaboration with the Italia Ministry of antiquities (MIBACT), and the Italian Institute of Africa and Asia (ISIAO).

In particular, Sara’s research investigates the enhancement of heritage for tourism development in the Arabian Peninsula through the creation of a visitor center in the archeological area of Wadi Al Ma’wil. The site is characterized by a Bronze Age village and a necropolis with more than 240 tombs.

MASPAG meeting at Sapienza University of Rome.

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